Reflections And Insights

A Brief Synopsis On The History Of Humankind

For the last 26,000 years we have been traveling through a space/time construct that has supported duality. We have been sent massive amounts of heavy dark energy by beings that fed off division and stress and lack and fear. Why did God allow this? Because he loves

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Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer

Are You Seeing It Yet?

The world is changing – gently but profoundly. In India they are making medicine free to all people. In Canada a huge law suit was settled in favor of native people that had been abused by the government. More fraud is being uncovered everyday and many

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Lets Say No To Fear

Right now the world is trying to decide how to deal with terrorists. What is called for is calmness, determination, strength, insight, using our power with maturity and clear intention, coming together in unity, and guidance from above.Instead our media and many in leadership positions seem to be acting

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