44 Questions for the Akashic Records: Learning to Access Past Messages and Other Awesome Information

Here’s a fantastic topic we should delve in: the Akashic Records!

Do you ever feel like you’ve been here before?

That déjà vu feeling often occurs because your soul has indeed experienced this life before. In fact, your soul has lived many lifetimes and gathered a wealth of knowledge and wisdom throughout its journey. This information is stored in what is called the Akashic records.

The Akashic records are a collection of every thought, feeling, experience, and event that has ever occurred in the universe‘s history. They are sometimes referred to as the “Universal Memory” or the “Soul Memory.”

They are like a library containing all the knowledge of everything that has ever happened and everything that will happen. It’s a bit like the Universe’s hard drive. We can access this infinite wisdom by asking questions and working with a medium that is attuned to the Records.

While it may seem daunting to think of all this information being stored somewhere, rest assured that the Akashic records are organized in a very specific way. Your soul always knows how to find the particular bits of information that it needs at any given moment.

If you’re wondering how you can access these records, don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple:

All you need to do is still your mind and open your heart, and the records will come to you.

There are many ways to still your mind, but one of the simplest is to focus on your breath.

Once you have quieted your mind, simply ask whatever question is on your heart. The answer will come to you in one form or another. It may be a download of images or thoughts, a physical sensation, or even just a knowing.

Trust that whatever comes to you is precisely what you need at that moment.

If you can’t do it yourself (or you are not getting answers), then it’s better to hire a medium to do it for you.

How Can We Use the Akashic Records?

There are endless possibilities for how we can use the Akashic records. One way is to gain clarity about our current life path and purpose. By accessing our Soul Memory, we can get guidance about which decisions will lead us closer to our truth and which will take us off course.

Another way to use the Akashic Records is to heal old wounds and traumas. By opening ourselves up to the memories stored in the Akasha, we can release lower vibrational energy like fear, anger, and resentment that no longer serve us. This can help us move through life with more ease and joy.

We can also use the Akashic Records as a tool for manifesting our desires. When we tap into Soul Memory, we remember our true nature as infinite beings capable of anything. This remembrance can help dissolve any self-limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves and open us up to limitless possibilities.

44 questions for the Akashic Records – They are real.

How do the Akashic Records work?

The Akashic Records are not physical records that we can touch or see. They exist on what is known as the astral plane, which is a level of reality that exists beyond our physical world. There are many levels to the astral plane, and the Akashic Records are located on one of the highest levels. This is why it can be difficult for us to access them on our own; we need to raise our vibration to match the frequency of the Records in order to tap into them.

One way to raise our vibration is through meditation. By quieting our mind and connecting with our breath, we create space for higher vibrational energy to enter. We can also connect with nature, spend time with animals, or do anything else that feels good and makes us feel happy and peaceful.

Another way to raise our vibration is by working with a medium that is already attuned to the Akashic Records. A medium is someone who can bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. When we work with a medium, they can serve as a conduit for information from the Akashic Records, helping us to receive guidance and answers to our questions.

What can we learn from the Akashic Records?

The possibilities are endless! We can ask about our past lives, get insights into our soul’s journey, gain clarity about our current situation, or find out information about other people in our lives. We can also receive guidance about our future or ask for help with any challenges we may face. Trust that whatever information you receive is for your highest good and will help you on your soul’s path.

44 Questions for the Akashic Records

Well, that was certainly a lot to take in.

Now, without further ado, I present 44 questions for the Akashic Records you can use in your trips (and don’t forget to comment with your answers!):

Life Decisions:

1. With whom should I seek, marry or be friends?

2. Where am I supposed to be living?

3. Are my life choices and actions heading me closer to God?

4. What life lessons do I need to learn that I’m unaware of?

5. What skills or talents should I develop for these lessons and purposes?

Personal Emotions:

6. What is usually triggering my emotions?

7. How should I treat these emotions?

8. How and to what can I re-direct my emotions more healthily?

9. Who can help me deal with my emotions (spouse, guide, guru, friend)?

10. What can I do to create a life full of fulfillment?

11. What are the sources of my destructive emotions, blockages, and traumas?

12. What can I do to release my blocked emotion or trauma?

13. What is the cause of my anxiety, frustrations, and fears?

14. What traumas or lessons am I experiencing that have continued from a past life?


15. Whom should I be seeking (when it comes to karmic partners and twin flames)?

16. Do I genuinely love (person’s name), or do I have an attachment for my own needs?

17. What do I need to change to attract the necessary friendships I need?

18. What do I need to change to attract my ideal partner?

19. What’s causing problems within my relationships?

20. What can I do to make this relationship better?

21. What misunderstandings am I having with my partner?

22. Am I treating (person’s name) appropriately?


23. Am I working in the field/job I’m supposed to be in?

24. If not, where am I supposed to be working?

25. Am I doing what I genuinely want or seeking approval from others?

26. What line of work/business will bring me the most joy and fulfillment?

27. How can I better serve my clients/customers?

28. What product/service could create win-win opportunities for myself and my customers?

29. What is stopping me from pursuing my ‘dreams’?

30. What can I do to create more joy and fulfillment during my work?

31. What am I most passionate about?

32. Am I unaware of talents of skills within me that I should be using?

33. What career opportunities should I take?

Problem Solving:

34. Is there a solution to this specific challenge in have in front of me?

35. What is the best course of action to solve this specific challenge?

36. What challenges do I need to solve to advance at work/spiritually?

37. Who can I contact to help me solve this challenge?

38. Is this worth solving?

39. Should I spend money to solve this, and if so, how much?

40. What options am I missing here?


41. Who am I really?

42. What does my future hold in regards to…?

43. Why is that person acting like that towards me?

44. How can you help me with…?

Some personal considerations on saying Goodbye and Hello.

Usually, when we leave something old to go to something new, it is bittersweet. As much as we might be ready for that new house, new job, unique educational opportunity, or new location, there are inevitably a few things we will be sad to leave. There is also, usually, a bit of anxiousness because we are leaving the familiar and going to the unknown. There is also the transition period between the old and the new, which can sometimes be unsettling. Emotions can run high during those in-between times.

We are in one of those in-between times right now. A spiritual transition. We are no longer entirely in the 3rd dimension, but we have some significant changes to deal with before we ultimately come into the 5th dimension. This in-between time seems to be littered with uncertainty. Our government doesn’t work for the people, our money doesn’t stretch far enough, and many don’t know what to do to make our dreams come true. We know where we want to go, but we don’t have a clue how to get there. We know we want the new, but we are afraid to let go of the old.

If this is your experience, here are a few things to remember that may help:

  1. If you love it, it will go with you. Nothing that you care about will be lost during this experience. Heart energy anchors our deepest desires to us.
  2. We don’t have to know where we are going – we only have to know how we want to feel about it. God will take care of the rest.
  3. No matter how things appear to be, only good will come out of it. As the changes start to hit the nightly news, don’t be fooled by anyone who might try to scare you. All changes are being orchestrated at the very highest levels and are based on truth and love.

As our new world starts to form around us, there may be a lot of people tied to the old ways who want you to get upset and react from fear. Don’t go there.

We are sitting right on the edge of something extraordinary.

Keep the faith.


I presented you 44 questions for the Akashic Records. Still, you are welcome to think of some of your own. Remember, they are an infinite source of wisdom that we can access through meditation or by working with a medium that is attuned to them. They are however open to everyone.

What we learn from them can help us understand our soul’s journey, get clarity about our current situation, and gain insights into other people in our lives. Trust that whatever information you receive from the Akashic Records will be for your highest good and will help you on your soul’s path, with proper divine guidance.

The Akashic Records offer us guidance, healing, and manifestation capabilities that can help us live our best lives possible.

If you’re feeling called to explore them further, trust that all you need to do is still your mind and ask whatever question is on your heart—the answer should come to you loud and clear!

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